Leaving my CTO role at Busy.org for focus on SteemConnect and new projects

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bye bye
(Cover by @dunsky)

This is it! As of today i’m officially leaving my role of CTO at Busy.org to be a simple advisor. It’s been a great adventure for me working on Busy.org platform for almost 2 years now. I’ve learned a lot from this adventure and appreciated the time spend with my colleagues and friends @ekitcho @sekhmet @gregory.latinier @jm90mm and @itharagaian. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together during that time with the release of Steem.js, SteemConnect v1, Busy v1, SteemConnect v2, Busy v2 and Steemit faucet. I also want to thank you, Steem community for your great support since my first steps on Steem.

In the coming weeks and months i will be working with my colleague @sekhmet on new apps and tools for Steem, i can’t tell you much more yet about these new projects expect that it’s related to SMT :). I will continue to lead the development of SteemConnect and also build some tools for Byteball.




Fabien, thank you very much for all your support! You can use this image as a post cover if you like. I've just done it for you.


Wow awesome! Thank you for the cover i've edited the post with it 😘

All the best in your new venture. We really need private messaging app on steemit. It will be the first of its kind.

You did some amazing work @fabien :) looking forward to your next projects!

Good luck in your upcoming projects @fabien and good job with everything!

Hey Acid, i gotta tell you... we've started a new game on MSPWaves - It's called "When is Acidyo showing up to Crim's show"

1 SBD whoever gets the closest. Last night as you know, nobody won. But this is fun... I think we will continue.

It has been great working with you on Busy V2. I learned a lot, and you are really precise with everything. 🙏👍

It was fun hanging out almost everyday on discord even on weekends :)

Good luck on your next projects and thank you for everything you have done for Busy!

Thks @fabien for the work you have done in building Busy and SteemConnect with @ekitcho and all the team. I wish u the best in your new venture. Best success.

Congrats for the amazing work done and best luck on the next projects :)

Well done on projects you have worked on! Looking forward to hear about new projects... 🤗

Good luck on your new adventure :)

Hi here, thank you Chris :)

Hi @fabien. Thank you so much for contributing to Busy project. I am honoured to work with you and the team. I wish you success for your next adventure.

Good luck in the new place, I'm waiting for your project @fabien

Good luck with the new projects. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Une aventure se termine et d'autres commencent. Je te souhaite tout ce que tu mérites. Et Byteball, y a rien la ! Hâte d'en savoir plus sur la suite.
Très bonne continuation.

Thank you for your excellent work. I've been using Busy for a long time. I like the convenience and simplicity of this site.

Well done on Busy, and good luck on future projects! We all know they're going to be just as good as Busy, right?

Merci pour tout ce que t'as fait sur busy :) on attends avec impatience les avancements sur steemconnect :D

Busy was a remarkable success and definitely looking forward to anything new in regards to Byteball. That's a currency that definitely holds my solid interest so will be awesome to see what you bring to it. Best of luck with the move and your next projects.

On reste en contact :)
Merci pour tout ce que tu as fais pour busy.

good lcuk. i always support your journey on crypto world. thanks in advance your new project.

great work, and good luck on your future ventures @fabien! i'm excited to know what's coming up next and pretty sure it will be awesome...

Looking forward to hear about new project! Thanks for your support me so far man! Good luck! :)

Sounds like a difficult but important decision for you.

But I'm glad that you're focusing on Steemconnect. For me, personally as a developer, steemconnect is by far the most important tool for any Steem related project.

Hey @fabien, thanks for all you’ve done! Wishing you the best in the future!

Thank you for all the work you have done to make Busy the best Steem interface. Best of luck to you and your new projects.

Good job...
I like it dear..👌👌👌
go ahead

Hi @fabien, I told you that the API https://api.steemjs.com does not return all the entries in get_get_discussions_by_created

I did some tests for the last 10 days and do not take all the tickets for a tag, is there any way to get the tickets by complete tags?

I have used the Steemit api before and to get_get_discussions_by_blog if it works well, I will call each user that I found in the file I made and extract all its entries but this is more work ... I hope your answer greetings

Disculpa mi ingles :S

Yes, I have used this call with curl, in my program and I have tried repagination in spanish tag with limit and start author plus start_permlink, I am interested in my program to extract data from the api, but they are not exact, it does not bring me the post of the last full month for example, I did a while that fills a txt and extracts the last permlink and the author and does the repaginator but it does not take out the complete data, any ideas?

Great content dear
I appreciate it.
Thanks for sharing such a nice information

By all means, there's no good news when someone is leaving a project but knowing that it will stay in the community is a relief.
Waves to you @fabien , and thanks for bringing us all some of the best tools to make Steem Blockchain great.
Looking forward for your next projects.

you have done much on this blockchain, good luck on your the new project you delve in... you're appreciated

Fabien is the best, once Chuck Norris asked him advice for karate moves.

Hi Fabien, I am happy to use busy.org, until now I use busy.org as a publication place of my writing, as it is said @matt-a and @kevinwong. "Continue to use https://busy.org.

Thank you for your hard work and give me experience to explore steemit platform through busy.
That's a good idea to give chance for others busy team to continue your legacy.

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All the best. Looking forward for yr creations

Bonne continuation pour la suite @fabien, bravo d'avoir su susciter notre intérêt pour cette suite bien prometteuse il me semble. Vais attendre impatiemment les "new apps and tools for Steem related to SMT" et suis très intrigué par "some tools for Byteball". De quel genre s'agit-il? Un peu plus d'info quelque part à se mettre sous la dent?

Je finirais par merci, je pense surement intégrer dans certains projets le permettant un pont avec steem et pour se faire steemconnect à l'air de premier abord d'une très belle réalisation et surtout très complet dans ce qu'elle permet.

Pour Byteball on prévois de release une library pour que les devs puisse créer des apps facilement. Pour Steem... suspense :p. Merci pour ton soutien @french-tech!

Merci pour ces précisions sur Byteball, faudrait que je l'étudie un peu plus à l'occasion. Pour Steem pas de soucis je suis quelqu'un de patient hahaha

Good luck with the future!

I wish you further success!!

You can email me on whatsapp:+212762961494

Thank you for all your work on Busy @fabien. It's become one of my favorite Steem apps. Looking forward to seeing what your SMT related project is.

Can't express how thankful I am for your amazing work at SteemConnect. All the best for your new journey!

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I know that project will rock steemit community once again.

Thank you for your work :)

Bonne continuation à vous et merci pour tout votre travail !

wow awesome good luck!