Baiyoke Sky scraper, Bangkok

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Bangkok's landscape is fairly flat, without any natural elevation, from which one could admire the city from above. This feature is perfectly compensated by skyscrapers. The highest (at the time of my visit) skyscraper "Baiyoke Sky" provides an opportunity to consider the panorama of the modern part of the city, especially if you take a room on the high floor. I got a room on the 48th floor, so you could admire the amazing views from the bed.

And as many as 19 lower floors takes a grand parking. I suppose that there should be no problems with parking. Judging by the surrounding high-rise buildings, this is a very common construction of skyscrapers, when a skyscraper stands on a cushion of open garages or other outbuildings.

From above, the street looks like a Napoleon cake, but the life boils at the bottom and the transport is not felt already on the 20 floor, not to mention the living rooms. No extraneous noises are heard.


The undoubted advantage of the hotel is the opportunity to climb the observation deck on the 78th floor. If you stay at the hotel, access to the site itself is free of charge. From the height there is a stunning view, especially if you come there at dusk and wait until it is completely dark. You can see the whole panorama of modern Bangkok.

The hotel is located in the center of the lively Pratunam district, and from a height you can see all its road junctions and skyscrapers with hanging gardens and rooftop pools. The views are fascinating.


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Fairly flat as Buenos Aires. Are you going to the beach?

My next destination is to the SteemFest there this year, if the bullrun helps me.

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