Optimist, realist or pessimist?

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Would I call myself optimist, realist or pessimist? I do not apply such labels. It is totally pointless to do this because we know only one thing - life and that we will die. Tell me, what is the point - to be sad, angry or otherwise spit onto life if you know it's finite? This is simply pointless.

You simply do not want anything, just feel joy of what you are doing and what you see. Of course, this is very difficult. Because we grow in such a medium, in a public space where you read fairy tales from childhood: you must meet the prince if you are not married to the age of 25 - you are worth nothing.
But this is a stupid stencil coming from the past, who wants to give a crutches to a man, but puts cliches into the brain that only paralyze you.

And you know what I think about life? We can change the direction of our life. You can choose the impressions yourself, you are free, like the wind, but you need one thing - do not be afraid.

And how many I have lost people in my life, which seemed to me everything. And after a while, you see that the one who has left you, he just has freed the place for something that is incomparably better.

You just didn't see it, because it seemed to you that it was the end of life. And I can tell you that the younger you are, the more every loss seems desperate.

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Love your insight, and I agree that the younger we are the more intense negative feelings feel :) I still feel negative, but I feel that I have grown stronger at the age of 38m thus making my wall of "i won't feel this way" taller and thicker. It also helps to do sage cleansing. :)