Our values are not measured in numbers, centimeters or sizes

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Recently, special values are likes, follower numbers, reaches, and so on. The sharper the commentary, after which supporters or willing to get attention also click on "like". Public protest. Mockery. As a result, others do the same because probably all are doing that.

It is also a great asset to have something made of silicone, plastic, filled, corrected, and so on, because maybe somebody will notice and share to others. Or maybe you even get into the page of top beauties.

I realize that maybe it's normal for others. There is a very good saying: if you don't understand another person's behavior, that doesn't mean he's doing something wrong.

I just want to remind you of values that are not measured in numbers, centimeters, or sizes. If you don't have the same thing that others have, it doesn't mean you're inferior and worth nothing. If you are not cut, narrowed or somehow redesigned, that doesn't mean you're a ugly person! You are unique, irreplaceable and inimitable.

Sometimes the person with the longest recordings and the most beautiful photos does not shine alive as in social networks. Why?!

In recent days, the most "terrible thing" for many influencers in changing social networking algorithms is a massively declining like number. Really, so what? What the difference?! And if there will not be more clicks? Most importantly, the love of people who are next to you would not disappear.

And if you do not argue with someone publicly or will not post numerous selfies, it does not mean you will not be visible. Everyone who loves you will always hear and see you!

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