Beth the Self-doubt

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If you have that feeling that you are not good enough, that you can not achieve anything, that you will never be successful or happy, and struggle with that feeling every day, trying not to let it overwhelm you. However, no matter how hard you try to avoid these thoughts, you can not escape them.


Phrases like "you need to be realistic", "you will never be successful doing that" and "you will not be able to achieve that", can erode the little sense of self-confidence that you have. You can feel despair and in your mind have no hope, in the end you end up being a victim in the war against doubt.

It´s as if every time you fail to achieve your goals, those feelings will flood you like a wave, a wave that breaks down the moment you begin to build some confidence in yourself. Negative thoughts settle in your head and unfortunately your brain does not have the ability to perform evictions.

Wake up and decide that it is enough, decide to change your life, if you are tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling disgusted by what you see. So make ready to make war on the voice inside your head, that fight against your self-esteem.

Start focusing on winning small victories. and try to stay positive while doing it, that will allow you, in some way, to build trust and stay positive in the face of bigger challenges. So I wake up early every day, exercise every day and make sure you have healthy behaviors instead of self-destructive ones.


Organize your life, arrive on time to your work every day, be proud of what you have and keep things in order. As time goes by, each time you will find yourself in better shape thanks to your renewed dedication to exercise, you will perform better in your work and, what is more important, you will feel more secure, you will be able to feel capable and in control.


I believe it is most difficult to work oneself out of a pit of self-doubt, but the good thing is that it can be done. The trick is to stop the negative self-talk that continues to berate and tear away the confidence.
You made some good points on how to do it.

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