Depression as part of your Life

in #busy5 years ago

If you have lived with depression part of your life and you may have begun to accept it as a normal aspect, you spend days waking up, putting something comfortable, eating something easy (or maybe not), showering (or maybe not) and watching the television until you want to eat again, that depression is not a normal part of daily existence. At least, it does not have to be this way, you can overcome it, or possibly feel a little less horrible.


First admit that your life has become ungovernable, the mountains of dirty clothes, canceled plans and even unwashed hair, you can not continue your life like this if you want to be a happy person. You are not enjoying life that way, it may seem impossible, but to admit it you take the first step to make a change.

Telling someone about the problem, be it a friend, a parent or a relative, will be helpful during your recovery, they can make you responsible and they will listen to all your difficulties. Make sure the person you are saying is someone you can trust to understand what you are going through.

Leave home at least once a day, exercise also helps, find something you enjoy, try to keep your life orderly, try to achieve a purpose of life, is also very important professional support, invested in therapy or counseling. Things will not get better unless you make the effort, and part of this effort is to find a professional who can help you through the recovery process, therapy is an important investment: the amount of money you invest may seem ridiculous, but when it comes out of the session each week, you will see that the benefit of the therapy far exceeds the cost.