Emotions make you feel alive

in #busy5 years ago

Most people don´t live, it seems almost strange but deep down, it is really true, most people's lives appear before their eyes and they go day after day simply passing through the world, they are not really living.


Most horror movies are predictable, but sometimes they scare you when you see them, and that fear makes you feel alive, that's fascinating, think about the times you were afraid and that made you feel alive, like climbing a mountain Russian or being involved in a car accident, all those things scare, but also renew that feeling of emotion at the same time.

It´s the intensity of your emotions that make you feel alive, these are the ones that give you a rich life and allow you to experience a sense of purpose, there are so many people who go through their lives without feeling this richness of emotion, and others relate it With suffering and weakness, there is no way to activate some emotions and turn off the rest of them, or we feel all our emotions or we do not feel any, accept the fact that you are an emotional being.

It takes a lot of work to come to understand that passion is simply emotion and energy that passion is the pillar to live truly, many people have a crisis in the middle of life because they become aware at some point that they are not really expecting to live, They are spending time waiting to die, discover that emotions are what make life worthwhile.


The best way to find passion in your life, is to observe what is most important to you, imagine a moment in your life in which you feel as if you were really alive, what specifically was it that made you feel alive? you remember it, if you discover it you can start to create and shape the rest of your life, imagine waking up every day and be full of emotion and vitality.


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