Get your goals

in #busy5 years ago

There are people who have goals, they have goals, they dream but they do not stop making excuses as I do not know enough, I do not have money to undertake the project, there are crisis and all lies, most important the main resource you need to undertake any project is in your head, it is for that reason that they are paid and very well to people who generate great ideas, there are people with money and no matter how much money they have they will never be able to produce the great ideas that your mind can create.


Don´t be fooled by people who when you have an idea and dream of doing it, they tell you that it is impossible, that you are realistic, even you can fall into that trap, however many people who have been successful have been realistic, you would be surprised know that no great inventor has been, to be if at the moment you accept that you are also making it impossible to achieve any idea.

If you are not a particularly positive person and you prefer to believe that it is better to wait for the worst to be prepared, do not allow them to annul your hopes, fight against those moments when you are afraid of everything and leave aside the idea of acting Although it may seem impossible, you must be driven by emotion instead of logic, the real answer should not be in the analysis, but in combating your negativity, having a positive attitude allows you to avoid worries and prevents your ego from being in charge.

It can be a challenge for some of us, you see people with money, with stressful jobs and you think that is success, but it's not like that and if that's what you think then your goal is just that and it's really nothing special since everything the world wants the same, do not think that success is just a dream or a utopia, really this is composed mostly of effort and a dose of inspiration, usually hard work beats talent when it does not strive.


Skill is what is created with dedication and talent is what we are born with, talent will not help you if you are not willing to work on your skills, think that the competition is going to be tough and if you are not going to make an effort then it is that you have not established well your goals or goals that you are looking for, if it is, I assure you that you will strive and work every day as if it were the last day, stop thinking you have bad luck, stop believing that everything is in your against, if you want something, do it, the reward is always high.