Listen when your life speaks

in #busy5 years ago

People can really obsess over the question, What am I supposed to do with my life? Consider one that is much more interesting. What do you think you would get knowing what you want to do with your life?


At the root of that is control, or the illusion of control, because control is always an illusion, apart from our intention and where we put our attention, we can not really control life, if we recognize the root of the problem of trying to control something that is impossible to control, everything begins to fall.

Whether we know our way of life, or if we do not, we have no control, in any way, you can say that if you had chosen to go to music school, you would have become a professional musician, but the truth is that There's no way you know that, you could have ended up as a programmer, or as a writer, what you said you wanted to be from 8 or 13, and what you've become, life speaks of having a calling that is part of an innate nature, something with which they are born.

What I question is the story they tell about the need to know what the purpose of their life is, as if it were written somewhere in the world and the job is to try to find it, really the vision of your life is what you say is, you define the purpose of your life in each moment, with each action, with each word, with each thought, with each belief, listen to your life when it speaks to you.

When you start to take action and make decisions, the world begins to move with you, the illusion is that you have to know what you want to do, before you start making decisions, whatever path you have undertaken has contributed to your being where you are, right now , at this moment, you do not know where all this will take you, and this is the most beautiful part of being alive.


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