Never alone

in #busy5 years ago

We are never alone, however, at times we feel we are stranded on a desert island of our stories, sorrows and thoughts. There are times when it does not matter how much we try to explain, everything slowly becomes a confusion of anguish.


We feel we are looking for a "great maybe" that nobody understands. And that confusion turns into worry, and worry into anxiety and fear and for a minute we forget how to dream. We become oblivious to the sun, to the beauty that surrounds us, to the light that comes from all sources. We forget the power that is confined within ourselves and we are paralyzed by the weight, the criticisms, the accusations. We feel chained to the words that are spoken to us, to listen to what the world has to say,

Our life does not have to be like everyone else's. With what we dream, what path we decide to undertake, who we choose to follow, depends on us. We have to realize that no matter how much we try to avoid failure and criticism, people will always have something to say, and at the end of the day, if you make mistakes, because of your decisions, then it's worth it, what we do with them.

Stand alone, and it will be discouraging. we may feel that we are alone, but the world waits for us to make our only event remarkable, look for you perhaps before it is a little late, and you must know that somewhere, a ray of light is waiting to hear about your stories and remind him that although each person is different, we never have to face the world alone.