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Today I decided to write about this issue because of the challenges and challenges that we face every day to succeed, success in our lives comes from thinking and executing what we propose, and passing the chip, for example, from being victims to creators, stop feeling affected by what happens outside or even within yourself of your own thoughts and emotions, and assume that you are a creator of possibilities, for that it is vital that you can detect more and more quickly, when you are falling into the space of the victim and there are some symptoms with which you can tell.


The first is the complaint, when we are constantly complaining, we are assuming ourselves as victims. The second symptom is guilt, when we are looking for an event, a cause to whom or to blame, and sometimes when we do not have the other to blame, we end up blaming ourselves, but whatever the fault is another way of sink into victimization. The third symptom of detecting this quickly, is the justification and we fall into excusing ourselves and explaining why one thing or another, and we continue to give energy to that state of victim, instead of assuming to do something different and get away to be victims and move to the status of creator.

We assume in that state of creator every time you dare to connect with something you really want, not what others want from you, not what society expects from you, you also assume when you dare to decide that you you deserve, that what you want you deserve because you're alive, because you thought, because you want, that's enough reason to deserve it, you also assume as creator when you connect with the statement I can, because I can take an action, because I can choose something, I assume, I decide.

It´s from these statements that you exercise your own faculty of owning our own life, and move not as victims but as creators.



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