Stop looking for Happiness

in #busy5 years ago

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is stop looking, if you are at a point in your life where everything looks great from the outside, but still feel that something is missing, it is frustrating when we know that we should be happy and yet Something is not right, a part of your life is missing, happiness.


Realize that we aren´t happy, it is not something we want to admit to ourselves, it sounds so sad and depressing, we spend resources hoping to find not only a solution, but to find multiple ones, we want to try them all, but that is why we don´t it works, this isn´t how change happens, reading book after book and educating yourself about happiness without any real action will not make you a happier person, it will only make you a more educated person in happiness.

Stop looking for happiness and focus on feeling it, create simple action steps that allow you to focus more on yourself, leave behind your anxieties to find the solution, and start living, start learning everything again, leave behind what you feel what you should do and start doing what your body and mind want to do.

Take some time for yourself, to focus all your senses, that single act of living more conscious can be transforming in your quality of life, resorting to mindfulness can help you learn what you really need to feel the inner joy and peace that So much you want, it is important to live according to what your body and mind tell you, your body never wants to hurt you, then, surrender to your good wishes, maybe you discover about yourself in the process.



Happiness is the key to a fulfilling life, it is everything. To me it is the offshoot of giving, loving, kindness, compassion, faith, hope, good health ..... Thanks for the post, it has engendered lots of thinking for me.