What Matters Most

in #busy5 years ago

The things that happen now will probably be irrelevant to what will matter in 10 years, there are too many good things to focus on the bad, stop worrying about the things you do not care about in the future and start concentrating on the things that will make you smile in the same.


Give yourself the ability to look back and think: "I made the most of it" and "that made me a better person", be kinder to people, make you and them happier, be optimistic, it may be difficult , but little by little, it will be natural.

The struggles in your life are essential to become the person you want to be, but this does not matter if you can not find light in the dark and face obstacles and overcome them Live every day as if it were the last, make every moment with each person as if it were the last time you will see them, be happy with what you have, it could disappear tomorrow.

Surely it will take a while to arrive like this; true smiles and true happiness, enjoy every moment of every day, be friendly with everyone without expecting any reward. Once you are sad, bitter, you will have false smiles and without emotion, even when you are surrounded by those who matter most to you.