Terofor 2020-06-30

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Fame may be fleeting but obscurity is forever.
Pelorat sighed.
"I will never understand people."
"There's nothing to it. All you have to do is take a close look
at yourself and you will understand everyone else. How would Seldon have
worked out his Plan -- and I don't care how subtle his mathematics was --
if he didn't understand people; and how could he have done that if people
weren't easy to understand? You show me someone who can't understand
people and I'll show you someone who has built up a false image of himself
-- no offense intended."
-- Asimov, "Foundation's Edge"
I believe that the moment is near when by a procedure of active paranoiac
thought, it will be possible to systematize confusion and contribute to the
total discrediting of the world of reality.
-- Salvador Dali


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