Self-Improvement through Art, the Challenge. 30 attempts at painting my rabbit. #2 [Watercolour]

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I am still not on friendly terms with watercolour paints,
but after getting my hands dirty twice in one week,
I feel the relationship have warmed a little.

I want to make the best off of this opportunity of Actually doing Something, and put it into good use.
So I continue my adventure on the day 2.
I invite You to join me on this journey,
and see how much,
if at all,
my use of watercolour improves.

The subject,
once again,
very close to my heart,
one of my two rabbits, Rex.

A word about Rex
He's fat,
He's angry.
He likes Chinese cabbage,
and to punch his roommate Yuki.

This is the Day 2 entry:

Still no idea what I'm doing.
Certainly, you can see there's very little improvement to speak off.
I took the liberty to experiment with the colours.
I was aiming to give it a little bit of juicy feel to it.

You tell me if it worked here.

Here's the original photograph of that little fat demon I'm using for an inspiration:
Yes, it is indeed my profile picture as well.
It's pretty good. Simple. I like it, fight me.



Hey this is a spammy rabbit... the same rabbit as day 1. :D

I think day 1 looks better on the head and face. Day 2 looks better on the body part.

Today, I will probably employ a pencil. :)
Let's see what happens then.