Write the max Down price of Steem on HF21 get 50 Steem reward

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Get 50 Steem Reward

Friends as we know steem is getting too low day by day the point is what is the final price of steem downtrend until launch of hardfork 21 which is going to Place on 27 August ,
On 27 August steem blockchain will take place a Fork where the reward of Author will be decrease more and more the curation reward will be increase and there will be more changes will happen that encourage a steem user to start curating instead of selling upvotes.
The main purpose of Steem reward changes is to decrease spam and reward abuse and increase the value of Steem coin price as we know the easy steem give reward to abusers the more price of Steem will drop so we should aspects good price for steem coin.
But unfortunately the price of Steem coin is still dropping hard instead of stable after announcement of Hardfork date 27 august.
So my question give reward of 50 steem who guess the correct price of Steem in USD on the date of 27 August ,
write down the price of steem on 27 august before and after the hardfork so the person who mention closest price will get 50 Steem reward Thank you.