Create Change over Failure

in #busy5 years ago

Many of us overload ourselves with so much information, going from one teaching to another, absorbing everything we can, never stopping this process of gathering information long enough to apply it and create a real change, one that is based on dedication, constant effort and most important in practice.


What we do with all the information we obtain is what matters and it is that domain of learning that should allow us to take small steps and create a lasting change, but being overloaded with information is difficult to determine what is best in our lives, we jump from one thing to the other, we apply tools but only partially without giving us the necessary time to put into practice what we have learned.

The reputation of failure is not good, although it is usually in this era of social networks is very rare to read or hear about failures, people proclaim their success everywhere platforms like YouTube or Facebook are full of winners constantly marking their achievements, we should not admire the one who never fails even to ourselves whenever we try new and challenging things we will have some unpleasant moments but the falls in our path should be part of the process.

When we examine ourselves, we should not do it with the intention of achieving a mastery of life; we just have to seek to be happy, to make the necessary changes and try to be simpler in our purpose of living, that way we have less stress and we have more freedom and time, nobody can improve our lives in the long term, they can help us with information to change our lives, but in the end it only depends on us to execute or put into practice what we have learned with perseverance and wisdom, perhaps as part of the routine or part of our priorities every day necessary to create a lasting change.