Fear of Rejection by the Personality

in #busy5 years ago

It happens that when you are afraid of being rejected, you do not really know because you consider that you are not good enough and that in doing so they would not want to be your friends, leading you to feel ashamed towards who you are as a person, but we are all afraid of something and when you admit those fears or fears and you realize that you will feel less insecure, you will start to be more open, you have a problem but everyone has problems.


Quiet or silent people tend to be seen as people who need to be changed as if they were strangers and in that situation try to change their nature and try to change only because others make him think or believe that they are wrong, that to remain introverted and fearful not They can succeed or even have friends.

We can give fair value and admire extroverted people without having to question those who are not because of their fears and respect diversity, because without personality differences the world would not work, being silent can awaken creativity using introversion for interesting things, those who consider it a problem can deal with that and slowly begin to change the way of thinking, knowing that others go through the same thing helps to know that you are not worse, helps to face your fears and also to value vulnerability .

Society often worsens the situation by its stereotypes and is sarcastic in this type of situations but we must understand introversion as a value, stop feeling the need to change, help those who feel like them, if you identify with this Think, do not consider it worrisome, instead, marvel at your ideas and simply meditate on the amazing fact of being, the lack of words does not mean you do not have valuable thoughts, despite the common belief, words do not always change the world , and they do not necessarily represent happiness, it is not quantity, but quality that makes a notable difference, each human being is different and everything is very beautiful if you listen carefully.



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