Improve your life and improve the world

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With the accumulated responsibilities and with a few stories of who you are, there is a living energy, one that is expressed from the first years until the days we die, that energy is an authentic gift that you are taking care of here in this life and that gives the body and the mind the impulse to live but that we still have difficulty recognizing in the context of our history.


It´s important to understand how things work and to know that it is not something that you should try to do, that energy is not ours but uses our organism to express itself, is in action from early childhood, then at school, in adolescence, and so on successively, it is capable of taking different forms to express itself.

Most of the human beings, not to mention all of us, have habits, big or small, healthy or not, that we combine and do ours to form routines that are developed every day, many times without having to think, that is why despite that we understand the importance of having good habits makes it difficult for us to maintain a healthy daily routine.

If we come to understand the causes of our behaviors we can make changes and stick to them, also discover positive routines that can make us lead a healthier and happier life, find and adopt that will help to recover lost time, the mind and body will appreciate the decrease of anxiety, having a daily routine not only makes us more efficient, but also eliminates the need to waste time to decide what to do next and adds some structure to our lives.


We must recognize that energy without conditions or pretensions, see how it expresses itself in us through different forms, investigating and sharing anything until the explorations in the conscience, authenticity is expressed in different ways and that is something that also makes us feel fulfilled , for this reason we must be curious to see our life and strip that unique energy and see what it really is, the very essence of the gift that you carry in this life.