The Purpose is to Advance

in #busy5 years ago

It´s usually much better to go somewhere, at least we get involved with the motivation that we advance and we ignore that internal voice that challenges us to face the challenges and achieve them, the lack of action tends to tire more that the action since our mind has something similar to the metabolism, the mere fact of walking causes the heart to pump blood and this brings oxygen to the body making it work better.


Doing an excess of things or tasks that do not lead to a purpose also tiring more, it is preferable to do things that motivate us to fight for what we want, for clear dreams and go in search of them, the worst that can happen to you in life is not moving forward, not moving is tiring more than doing it.

When deciding to do what you want to do, the first question you should keep in mind is if you are achieving it, if in fact you are advancing, since if this is the case you will have more energy and less will tire you, it is The motivation that gives us the energy and drives us but we must focus on the goal and make sure we move in that direction.

It doesn´t make much sense to grow and evolve for years after realizing that we are crazy to continue in a physically or mentally exhausting job to know that there must be something better, limited knowledge makes us feel trapped, it is comforting to find the available way To move forward, we must be curious, organized and constantly want to know how everyone works and why to evolve and improve our lives.



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