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Life is so beautiful that if you do not fight so that life is happy, what is the meaning of life? And if you are young, you have to know that life escapes you and it goes away minute by minute and you can not go to the supermarket buy life, then struggle to live it by giving content to life, the difference of human life to other forms of life is that you can give a certain orientation to your life, you can in relative terms be the author of the road of your own life, you are not like a vegetable that you live because you were born after being born you can give a content or not, give content to the existence because if they do not consciously, the content will be the quota that they have to pay at each end of the month for the new pot that they have to buy and so on until the end of their days until one day the bones do not rise and goodbye, there is no memory or breath left.


Or you can be happy with little and light luggage because happiness is inside you, we invent a mountain of superfluous consumption and you have to pull and live buying and pulling and what we are spending is time to live, because with me I buy something or you do not you buy it with money you buy it with the time of life that you had to spend to have that money, but with this difference the only thing you can not buy is life, life is spent and it is miserable to spend your life to lose freedom, nothing is better than life fight for happiness and happiness is to give content to life and course do not let them steal you, and for that there is no recipe is in the conscience if you are bold and use the wonderful opportunity to be born.

Impossible costs a little more and defeated are only those who lower their arms and surrender, life can give you a thousand trips in all orders in love, at work, in the adventure of what you are thinking, in a dream that you think to perform but one and a thousand times you are done with strength to get up and start again because important is the path and the beauty of living to the fullest, of wanting life in any circumstance and fighting for she and try to transmit it, because life is not just to receive is first of all to give what we have, and as bad as you are there is always something to give to others.

You cann´t live in life cultivating resentment, the pain you suffer in the course of your life is not repaired by anyone, you have to learn to carry the scars with your backpack and keep walking and looking forward what tomorrow is worth, Each generation learns what they have to live with, not with what others lived, we learn with the history of what happens to us, the constitution of our nature is so remarkable that we end up learning more about the pain that the bonanza, this does not mean that I recommend the path of pain what I mean is that you can fall and get up again and it is always worth starting over a thousand times while you are alive, that is the message biggest in life..



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