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RE: The euromillions has reached its max jackpot! Will you play?

in #busy2 years ago

Imagine winning 190 million EUR. I just can't think of a way of living your life you were used to live (friends, family, social activities,...) when you have won that kind of money. It is impossible to think that you could keep this quiet. So in a fact, winning that is giving your life away. That's why I don't play. I would love to win a million or maybe two. And would be easier to keep quiet, but 190 million, no way!


The best thing to win is a prize where you get 1K euro per month or so.
I would be happy if I would win something which pays off the mortage. That is enough. This would give us more financial freedom but still you need to save for the things you want in life!

But yeah, it would be impossible to keep this quite!


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