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RE: Could BEOS Be The Entryway For Wall Street Institutions?

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I really like the idea of BEOS. I have my doubts that it will succeed, but also my hopes that it will.

Back at the time of #SPUD I reserved a small amount of STEEM and put it over into the BEOS rainfall thingy. So I also have #skininthegame in BEOS. Whenever I have some free cash, I may add more :-)

Blockchains are competitive, but I am not too blockchain "discriminate" or staunchly loyalist. Spread the love I say!


I had Bitshares for a long time which I staked. I am excited about BEOS. I think they have a good plan; hopefully it works out.
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Yeah, I hope so too. I like the idea enough that I am willing to put more money in it soon if I can. I really like the jurisdictional agility and the fact that there is a floor with all of the BEOS being backed by precious metal. Ensures the price will never fall below whatever gold is at the time.

Afterall, the Bitshares can come back to me even if BEOS doesn't work out.

Yes the BTS is only staked, not paid out. It is a wonderful idea for the rainfall.

You also have a few other apps that are close to launch as soon as it goes live. Ruon and Biquitous are both very interesting.
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