Steem: Having A Dolphin-Fest

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The price of STEEM dropped to very low levels. I am sure that is not something overlooked by anyone on here.

While it can be tough to watch, there is a positive out of all of this.

The old saying is to "buy when there is blood in the streets". It appears many Steemians are doing just that. There is no doubt the entire cryptocurrency world got bloodied. Even the powerful Bitcoin was slaughtered over the last week.

Steem is seeing a lot of accounts using this time to put themselves in a better position when the turnaround comes. In fact, in my time watching the statistics put out each day by @arcange, this is the fastest pace I witnessed.

The Dolphins are a group that is really expanding. Since the beginning of August, the jump in numbers is very impressive.

Here is the chart as laid out by @arcange for the August 1, 2019 numbers.

And here are the numbers through September 25, 2019.

Just going by accounts, the growth of the Dolphins is by 93 accounts net. I say net because the Orcas and Whales grew by 20 meaning that many Dolphins moved up higher themselves.

This all means a couple of things. Many of the Minnows are taking the opportunity to move into the Dolphin category. This is important because Dolphins are the "middle class" of Steem. Having more of them spread out the distribution while putting it in committed hands.

The second thing is there are now 2546 accounts with at least 5046 SP in them. For those who are thrown by that, the level for Dolphin is 5000 SP but it is actually 10 MVests. Each year the STEEM/MVest increases to account for inflation. Since the blockchain recognizes MVests even though the interfaces show SP, this is what is calculated.

This is from


Many feel the Minnows are dropping out. This actually is incorrect. The Minnows are "holding serve as they say" registering only a slight decrease. It is true that category is down 112 accounts. However, the movement upward means there are 113 more accounts in those categories compared to before.

The problem is not with the Minnows but, rather, the Planktons. We are not seeing the smaller accounts take advantage of the low STEEM price to power up in bigger numbers.

If we take a look at the total MVests, we see a similar story.

Here is the charge on the 1st of August.

And through the 25th of September.

The Dolphins, Orcas, and Whales all saw the total STEEM grow. At the same time, their percentage of the whole also grew. This makes sense when one understands how this all works.

It takes one MVest to become a Minnow and 10 to reach Dolphin. The amount of SP required to attain those levels is consistently growing but the MVest levels remain constant.

The challenge is when one "graduates" to the next level. A Minnow who hits Dolphin status decreases the total in that category by 10 MVest. A Plankton replacing that account as a Minnow only adds 1 MVest. Hence, 10 new Minnows are needed to offset the advancement of one new Dolphin.

Since the Minnows are holding constant in their account total, they are not seeing the growth. This means that category is falling further behind as a total of the percentage.

Another interesting observation is the Whales actually fell as a percentage of the whole even though it they added 4 new accounts totally an increase of almost 3,500 MVests. The reason for this is because we saw a lot of STEEM powered up over the last two months. I saw a headline this morning that said we had a net positive in the power up category for 23 straight days.

Please bear in mind, these numbers apply to SP only. Anything that is held in Steem-Engine tokens is not in these numbers.

One thing that I always felt made Bitcoin so strong is the fact there is a core group of HODLers who hold no matter what. When the price drops, they use it as an opportunity to grow their accounts. They do not panic nor sell when things turn bad.

We are seeing a similar group forming with STEEM. If one has gotten to the level of Dolphin, that person is dedicated to Steem's future. Naturally, we would prefer to have 10,000 accounts at that level as opposed to 2,500 but this is where we are at. The nice thing is, each month, with the lower price of STEEM, more people are using the opportunity to reach that level.

If the price of STEEM drops lower, I would expect this trend to accelerate. Those who are already powering up in this manner see it as a way to only enhance their standing. The spectrum includes a While like @theycallmedan who added 250K down to @gadrian, a new Dolphin who bought a bit over 1,000 STEEM and powered it up.

When I joined and started buying STEEM, I was paying $1.20-$1.30. With the price today, we now get 10X the amount of STEEM for the same money. This is a radical shift enabling tremendous growth in accounts that are in position to take advantage. It is amazing to consider what a few hundred dollars will get in STEEM today.

These are exciting times for Steem. With so much taking place, the risk associated with the token is decreasing in my opinion. The foundation that is being laid is only getting stronger in terms of the development taking place.

It is obvious I am not the only one with this view since many are adding to their accounts. The long-term game is tough to stomach at times but it can pay off in a large way.

When the market does decide to turn around, many more accounts will be in a position to take advantage.

It is a great thing to see.

None of this is financial advice; it is for informational purposes only.

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The low price of steem will test who's really in it for the long haul vs. folks looking for a quick buck...not realizing the real money is made by having a longer term game plan.

I Agree the Foundation is Growing and STEEM has So much upside for those that are in for The Long Run............STEEM On.......@taskmaster4450

I would hope the minnow numbers could increase even as some move up to dolphin. It is only about $65 to get from nothing to minnow now and that investment can have some return with increased curation rewards. I have tried to promote this with the @tenkminnows initiative, but we are losing ground. Gaining another 1000 minnows would have a definite impact on Steem, but how can we get there?

It is troubling because minnows and plankton are essentially new users. New users who are not willing to invest.

That is their choice, but showing some commitment increases your chances of getting some attention. But if you have really good content and can get noticed then you have a chance to do well.

I agree @steevc. It is minimal money for a Plankton to move up to Minnow. With all the Planktons in that category, I find it hard to believe that there aren't a couple thousand people who could afford to move up quickly.

I am halfway to Dolphin Status.

And my SP is growing every day. Every time I boost my growth by powering up, I notice that my SP starts multiplying more rapidly.

I also added depth to my account. If I include my Splinterlands worth, I am surely a dolphin account,

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I made a move from dolphin to Orca, (or a bit less I realized since I'm only at 48k SP.) But I agree, it's great to see people power up.

Even better is I actually see quite a few new accounts that has very good success on the platform, I think it's quite likely those will hang around. Some of those people already went above 500 SP

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It will be difficult for steem to appreciate with 24% inflation. Hope something is done sooner than later

Why 24%?

Why did you say STEEM inflation was 4,88% in March 2018? How do you calculate this inflation?

Pls take the data from cmc. Compute supply by dividing market cap with price. Then do computations for 1 year percent change and that is your inflation.

The problem when involving cmc and the price of STEEM there is that you automatically report it to another currency. Which might not be what everyone is doing and is only marked price depreciation for those who choose to withdraw to fiat or bitcoin right now.

Otherwise, one might calculate inflation in the Euro Zone compared to Euro's swings relative to USD.

It's true, to really not be concerned about STEEM price drop, a developed economy on Steem would be needed.

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The new low is what caused me to purchase 147 Steem this morning to divide between me and my wife @rachaeldwatson. These 2 plankton won't be around for long. I'll be a minnow when I make my next purchase. And then I'm shooting for dolphin without looking back.

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Almost 100 new dolphins since the beginning of August is encouraging, even though it's easier to become one with these prices. As it is the moving up the ranks to orcas or whales of 20 previously dolphins. People still see long term potential in Steem.

Thanks for the information we hope the situation improves so that we all benefit.

really great graphs! It's nice to see the stats; I always wondered how steem is distributed on here. It's a good time to power up now :)

It is the best time to invest. I don,t have enough money to invest but I bought nearly 1500 steem and powred up. now i have 3k steem and i,m trying to buy some more steem so i can become Dolphin by getting 5000 sp.

In a couple days, I'm going to be a dolphin too!

I became a dolphin just today. I'm glad to become one and quite fortunate to reach this post and read it. Yes, the current price of steem can create more Dolphins as it is easier now to become one. But I wish the price also brings some huge investors onto steem helping in increasing the price of steem.

I'm glad that I read this. It puts a positive spin on the steem price.

But what about the main creator leaving? What are your thoughts on that, @taskmaster4450?

I'd love some help reaching the dolphin level 8-) - if by chance anyone here can help with that.

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