Way to promote @psyberx !

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Pumped to see more developments on this game!

Me too! its going to be amazing :D

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz
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Well its most rewards for participation if you like +10 LVL to you reblog +10 more lvl. can even 0% heart. I just need people to show up on the like and reblog list so I can pay out. I rather give coins to people who take a interest and participate in our community event. im happy seeing people be happy. im not stingy with the coins. I feel its a good way for me to distribute coins and is very good for my mental health to see people happy. I know I'm not the best at explain. you can actually win up to 70 coins in this event. up to 30 for likes and up to 40 bonus if you do re blogs as well. this is my second give away so hopefully I can get better at explaining. plus ill tip and give extra for style points like one person even posted to twitter haha. Its for fun.

I like all of it. :) I don't play the online games so much, but I support good ideas. LVL is something I want to get more of.

hope you got some before the doubling yesterday...

Nope, I didn't. Fell off my radar. I have some HBD i could concert and go buy some though right?

you could...

oh yea PS people don't need to comment but it does make you more likely to get a freebie reward I toss out,for me just handing some away to people for activity. all rewards will be given though the like and reblog list. I do like seeing people talk here :D HYPE!!!

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Am all in

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lets go

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what is lvl? hahaha

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@gregory-f(1/3) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

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Lets go!
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O yea
I am ready

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giveaways are great! thanks for putting in the work!

Thanks for being here. I think so too its fun for me and I enjoy seeing everyone happy. Its really cool to me :) its like I get to see everyone get excited about what I am lol. a sifi, FPS, that looks decent, with funny Devs.... heck yeah sign me up haha.

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I am in!


Thanks for the giveaway!

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