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Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) v56
Author: Burf
Date: 10/31/2017 07:04 PM
Size: 22.8 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Downloads: 329292 times
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Download Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) [email protected]
Download Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) [email protected]

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Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) is a single batch file installer that includes all Visual C++ libraries built in. Video tutorial available

This utility is specifically intended to expedite the entire tedious download(s) with only one simple click and quickly completes the entire process within just a couple of minutes. Simply right-click and choose "Run as Administrator". While it might work without running as administrator, some have reported it was required.

As you may already know, often when you install the Visual C++ Libraries from 2005, it places one of its DLL files (msdia80.dll) incorrectly in the root folder of the largest accessible partition with free space. Then you would have to manually move that file to the correct folder and edit the registry entries for it to point to the correct location. But now by using Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One), all the files are placed correctly in their right locations - saving you time and potential aggravation.


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