Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act Paused Pending Vote

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Voters in California are likely to get the chance to vote on a referendum next year that could have big changes for the fast food industry in the region.

The controversial law was painted as a way to make things better for workers in the fast food industry, by setting new standards for health and safety, as well as a new minimum for wages at $22 an hour.

Are they going to show up in support or against if they get the chance next year?

For those against the changes they've reportedly spent millions campaigning against it and their efforts have been criticized as trying to block raises for workers at fast food chains.

We know that many of those chains struggle regularly to find and keep employees in needed positions and this is why fast food restaurants and other in the food industry have been rapidly adopting new technologies into the business to get those jobs done and keep things operational.

If these changes remain, is that going to push even more business out of the state and will thousands of more jobs be lost as a result?

the cost of leaving

For now it looks like things are on hold until the voters come out in California and decide how businesses are going to be able to operate when it comes to these new changes that could take effect.

In the last several years there are hundreds of companies who have moved their headquarters out of California for one reason or another, it seems one common motivation for their departure has been higher operating costs, among other reasons.




The pending wealth tax in CA is a doozy too.

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