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Hemp rope has been used throughout history, as you know from reading these posts, so let's get to either the start or end of our rope... which end would you like to begin???

Imagine working for a company that has been producing a product for the same way in the same building for 400 years.

The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent in Britain is the last remaining original naval rope yard still operating they starting producing rope in 1618, where today in 2020 they still produce natural and synthetic rope.

Hemp rope was used on naval boats as they don't rot, they have a longer life, stronger.

Watching how they do it, seeing the process of how massive the ropery is, all the ropes being twisted is quite memorizing, which makes you think of the process of making rope.

Picture Source

Below is the video which was the one that was played on tv using synthetic hemp rope to replace the old naval ships ropes, the process, we didn't want to give to much away...

Video Source

Below is a video of how hemp was used in 1942 in the American war effort for sails, soldiers' clothing, shoelaces.

Video Source

It may seem a lot of our hemp history is lost, it is slowly resurfacing, there are smaller-scale tools to make your own rope at home, would you consider making your own hemp rope?

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In fact, many can be the meaning of the rope in our lives. You gave me an idea in writing. Thank you very much. (^_^)

It surer can there are many meanings for then end of the rope, glad we helped with an idea in writing, we will keep an eye out for you post. Thank you for stopping by.