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What's good Weed Nerds? Everyone getting their gardens started for the 2022 Grow Challenge? Time is a wasting if you haven't! I want to see some Hive/Weedcash stickers in your posts. Even for you non growers, if you are able to get a shot here, and there, then get ahold of @jonyoudyer in Discord, 446070731424661514 is my ID. 4/20 is in 12 days, and if you can not come to Potland, then you can come hang in the Canna Discord. Last year was pretty epic, with live music, and a lot of Hive, and ETH given away. We will play it by ear, quite honestly with the Weedcash Front End it is 420 everyday. Sharing our know how is what will keep 420 going for many smokers. Even though we are not even a drop in the bucket when it comes to growing, we sure do have some kick ass ones, who are always happy to share what they got going on. Check it out......


Runtz Grow - Week 4 "Stinky"


So many great strains are coming out of LA, and Armen is right in the middle of all these great breeders. Capulator, Jungle Boys, Seed Junkies! So you know you will be seeing nothing but heat coming from Lacausa's blog. Look at them legs..


Big Mack ~ Lemon Drop Cookies update


Here is another great grower, but located all the way over on the East Coast. Canabisius is a true Weed Nerd!


Grow update 4.2 Ft: the craziest pre-roll machine I’ve ever seen at canna-con


Ok. Now here is another Weedcasher located, yeap you guess it, in the middle of America, in Oklahoma! Bet the Sooner State does not come to mind when you think about cannabis. Be on the lookout, many great things coming out from here, and especially this blog!


Bubble Hash & BFFs


Team work makes the dream work. In this case that dream is Hashish!


Purchased a Pack of Seeds Today: JOMO (Sugar Shack X GMO)


Another concentrate artisan in the works. Which will soon be making his magic with a new strain, JOMO!


Germinating Big Mack Superstar And Lemon Drip Cannabis Seeds


Futuremind growing out two strains that where bred by 2 Weedcashers!


Sunday Afternoon Alchemy Session!


It may not look like it, but that is some potent medicine in that jar!


Harvest season is coming and one of my plants started to die


Meanwhile south of the Equator, Jakiro is pushing the limits on his outdoor plants!


Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Season 2 #42 - End Is Near


Episode 42, and Skys plants are rocking!


Budding, re-vegetating and re-budding / Cogollando, revegetando y volviendo a cogollar


Have you ever Re-Vegged a plant before? Let us know in the comments!


Let's Grow Them Together Update #174 ~ New Veg tent


Artisto popping more top shelf genetics!


Mystery box has arrived and it was real pleasure too see what is inside


How much of this stuff do you have Loona? lol


Day 3 - Germinating Big Mack Superstar And Lemon Drip Cannabis Seeds


Last post of FM, he was just getting started. As you can see here, his methods are proving to be succesfull!


grow in growth and bloom


When Loona is not busy being the best Hivian he can be, he also grows ;)


Week 5 in the Rutz Grow


Nothing else I can really say, except just point you to the proper links. Go hit that follow button!


I just re'd up on Moonwlkr Delta-8 THC gummies


If anybody ever needs some Delta-8, Daltono knows exactly where to find some, and at a great price!


I think that little one is also male?


When in doubt ask the Chain!


So I fell off the pizza wagon, what a pickle.


Pizza, and Cannabis? Who in their right mind would say no!


Family Harvest! / Cosecha Familiar!


Fun times here! A family that harvests together, stays together.


Another successful harvest


Wes puts another harvest under his belt. Another great grower, and documents his whole grow here on Chain.


Canna-Curate Grow Challenge 2022 - 1 Gallon Entry - Post 1


A great entry for the 2022 Grow Challenge. It is that time you all. Sow those seeds, cut those clones, and get them in the dirt!


Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you do not see your post, just keep on posting. To help, and support the Cannabis Community, please subscribe here, and post directly from the community on Hive for all Canna, or psychedelic related content. Or even better, use the Weedcash Front-end. Posting from the Weedcash Tribe publishes your post to Hive, and directly to the Community. Oh, and a reminder; if you're posting anything cannabis related, always include the cannabis tag. This is our community's tag, even way before there where Tribes. Another tag you can use is canna-curate for more visibility. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here, scroll to the very bottom and manually type in our name @canna-curate. Well everyone, have a safe weekend.





Oh good, you got them. Good, going to start making the moves on the store this week then. Was waiting till then.

Really appreciate that. One thing that I will keep on buying is stickers. Speaking of of, what about just the official hive logo for a sticker? If so Ill get another batch.

How much of this stuff do you have Loona? lol
I can start a shop 😂😭😋

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