Texas Police Department Says No More Cannabis Sniff Test For Probable Cause

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For years officers around the U.S. have been able to search one property space or another after claiming that they smelled marijuana on the person or nearby.

But that has been changing over the years and is becoming more difficult to use this claim alone to violate someone's rights.

For one police department in Texas, they won't be using the smell test alone any longer for probable cause before searching someone that might be suspected of having cannabis.

“I want them to make sure that they are digging a little deeper to make sure that we aren’t violating anybody’s rights or putting an innocent person through a criminal procedure,” - the chief has said

Still, cannabis is harshly restricted in the state of Texas, despite improvements surrounding medicinal use or hemp markets.

Too many people still have their rights infringed for victimless crimes connected to the war on drugs.

Police departments in Texas shouldn't be using their resources to police plants, but focus on higher and more important priorities.

Various courts around the United States today have previously ruled that the smell of cannabis alone isn't sufficient enough to search a vehicle, or arrest a person, that they should need more than just a personal sniff test for probable cause. Now, authorities in Texas are going in that same direction it seems.


The State of Maryland has already set precedence in this matter. Smell alone IS NOT probable cause to search

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Great! No one can prove someone smelled something, anyway. Too easy to use that one as a bullshit excuse to do something else.

How many people went to jail for weed because there was a skunk nearby? 🤪

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