Cannabis CURES Cancer

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Yes, cannabis cures many types of cancer, including those deemed untreatable and terminal by conventional medicine! Hear and see the evidence - hundreds of links to excellent studies from Universities all around the world. Since production, tens of thousands have watched this video, and even mainstream networks like CNN have finally started to cover aspects of the truth, although the public has been slow to catch on. I'm up against a trillion dollar a year chemotherapy industry that only exists because this information isn't readily available and known. In 2019, YouTube and FaceBook both banned discussion of this topic. People are dying because these lifesaving facts are being hidden, so MediKatie and I have been uploading this video to alternative platforms that don't censor. I can't and won't stop until this is common knowledge!

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I first started spreading the truth that THC from the cannabis plant destroys tumors and cures cancer in 2011 on YouTube.

"Cannabis CURES Cancer" (by @MediKatie and I) was first uploaded in 2016 on YouTube, where it has been heavily censored. Our "Power to the Patients" page was shadowbanned and then removed from FaceBook.

It is now on at least 6 separate free video streaming platforms, including 3 independent blockchains.

Links and info in order mentioned:

To Treat
To Cure
The Endocannabinoid System
Nixon study 1974/5
Sanchez & Guzman 1998


Guzman 2006 clinical trial
BC Children's
anecdotal info
Brave Mykayla Comstock
Power to the Patients YouTube playlist

Other critical links:

Run from the Cure
Rick Simpson's website
Guzman 2014
Sanchez 2015
Guzman 2016

225+ of the best 'cannabinoids versus cancer' studies we could find, from top Universities around the world:






Glioma (brain & spine)

Lymphoma & Leukemia


Men’s Reproductive (prostate/testicle)






Women’s Reproductive (cervical/uterine/ovarian)


Skin cancer versus cannabis oil, before and after:

(Click here to see my post on curing "incurable" skin cancer with cannabis.)

Thank you for helping spread this message!
DRutter & MediKatie


Whoa, there's tons of links on the major types of cancer: colon, breast, reproductive, brain, skin cancer, and leukemia/lymphoma, wow!

Great job with the documentation!

Could you guys please help me get this seen by more people?

Will do what we can :)

Thank you, all help is appreciated! I think this is my best ever version of the post / video / links. So many people are still dying of cancer, and in some cases, it doesn't have to be that way, this info should have been on the nightly news by now.

That's a fact!
The amount of studies done is far more than I expected though. Impressive, to say the least.

Thanks! I'd like/share your post, if I had Twitter!

Great to see this post again, more complete than ever, with 6 video platform options!
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So sad this information is being hidden from us just so some can make massive amounts of money😠

Yes it does! Safer and more effectively than chemo-radiation! I'd bet my bottom dollar on that; I know that's what the research would show if they did conducted it, and that's why they won't! :)