Cannabis extracts are lifesaving medicine for millions

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Have a dab with me! Extracts (also called "concentrates") come in many forms, like shatter, budder, oil, wax, resin, rosin, distillate, and many more.

One thing extracts have in common is they're mostly cannabinoids, and very little actual plant matter. They do contain some terpenes and flavinoids, which vary by strain, and add to the smell, flavour, and effect of the extract.


This is some distillate, which is a refined extract consisting almost entirely of THC in active form, ready to be ingested or vaporized. I use a dab rig to vaporize and inhale the extract. Picture here is 1 gram, in a glass syringe for dispensing. Strain is Blue Dream (a really tasty mellow hybrid).


A gram like this would last @MediKatie and I about 1 typical day, depending on symptoms we may be having. It costs about $40 at a local black (free) market dispensary. The owners defy "legalization" by staying open and serving customers like me. I'm extremely thankful for them!

bc bud day dab.jpg

Canada "legalized" cannabis 2 years ago but extracts are only barely becoming legal now. Something like this isn't even available in the legal market (it's too pure, and too clean). The closest thing is live resin (which looks like garbage) at $180/gram plus taxes!! How could I afford that every day?!


My dream is to be able to grow and extract cannabinoids myself. I could do it, if legalization wasn't so tyrannical. I'm risking 14 years in prison - per "offense" - to do this! Legalization in Canada was a lie, and they're exporting the same failed model all around the world now. When it comes to your state or country, fight against it! What you REALLY want is decriminalization - the end of prohibition! Not more laws, regulations, prison terms, clogged courts, ruined families, raided peaceful gardens, etc.


Mmmm, I've always had good luck with Golden Bear's extracts. Never had a dab from them I didn't love. I like their attractive, functional, basic packaging and logo.


MAC is Miracle Alien Cookies, quite a delicious strain indeed! Terpy and dank with a hint of sweetness, pain and PTSD melt into the background quickly after a couple nice dabs of this. Notice the label. Black market may be unregulated, but it doesn't have to be dangerous. Many producers mark their packages properly. If you've seen "legal" packaging and labeling, you know it's ridiculous and excessive, much like tobacco cigarettes. Horrible. I love the efficiency of the free market. Stuff makes sense, it works, and as long as you (the buyer) beware and pay attention, you'll be fine. The cannabis black market is just peaceful stoners for the most part, not scary biker gangbangers like the media portrays.


And that, stoner ladies and toking gentlemen, is a properly done gram of BHO ("butane hash oil"). Nothing but cannabinoids, no trace of solvent. And this extractor uses only organic cannabis, so their extracts are nice and clean. My tastebuds, lungs, and brain can detect bad dabs, don't you worry about that! :)

A gram (about 1 day for the 2 of us) of BHO costs $25. Something like this would be our go-to medicine, dabbing all day, every day. We are at our best - healthiest, happiest, and most motivated - when the extracts keep flowing! Symptoms return and pile on top of each other when the medicine stops, so we do our best to budget so that we're almost never totally out.

Here, I'll open a fresh gram of MAC, and you can join me for a dab! The e-nail is nice and hot.



Feel those terpenes tingle in your nose. I've got a big dab here for you! Ready?

Extracts are serious medicine for a lot of people. Forcing people to smoke dry bud to get medicinal cannabinoids is cruel and pointless. Despite the scare tactics of the fake "vape crisis", extracts are a safer alternative to smoke, and save lives all around the world every day. The future of medicine is cannabinoids, and understanding the endcocannabinoid system we all have. Extracts like shatter and distillate will play a part in that future.




THC and oil/extracts/concentrates are real medicine and that's why they're being attacked the most and are the most illegal under legalisation. I love our enail. That was a good xmas/house warming gift to's about time :)

Brindle Farms is supposedly one of the nicer brands. Should last you guys several thousand dabs! Or.... one year! heheheh j/k!
Extracts are definitely real medicine. Some people need that rush of THC right to the dome, for various physical or mental conditions. Denying that to patients is messed up. They're basically trying to ensure cannabis can't be used as medicine anymore :(

Nice GIf! I don't think we've seen a GIF of shatter being opened before, but why the heck not?

Chyeaaa! Thanks to @MediKatie for filming it. Turned out nicely... and I like coming up with things that hadn't been done quite that way yet. :)

Very true about the #blackmarket is so much cheaper. The "legal" shit is so over priced that no one will be able to buy it.

Thanks for your part in keeping #blackmarket alive.

Great post - you have inspired me to get my medical oils out!

JASPOC, never heard of it... but that's a funky rainbow weed pattern you got going on there! :D
It's 7:10 everybody, dab time!

I bought the bag second hand and it's perfect for storing my herbal products