Legalization is a Lie

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My 47-minute 2019 documentary "Cannabis Legalization is a Lie" is now available on 7 free streaming video platforms, including a new introduction and update for 2021!

Canadians were tired of the heavy prohibition of cannabis under Harper's Conservative government, and in 2015 voters were easily charmed by Trudeau's Liberal party which promised full legalization of cannabis. As part of Vancouver's cannabis activism community, I was there to document the violent removal of any resistance to the government's corporate monopoly of cannabis. You will see the rise and fall of the Vancouver 420 Farmers Markets, a peaceful grassroots movement formed to ensure the government legalized cannabis FOR THE PEOPLE, not rich insider corporations. Some called us 'paranoid' - until armed men came and took us to jail!

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Peaceful activism and civil disobedience were denied to Canadian citizens, and met with aggression, intimidation, theft, and violence from our public servants. Now this fraudulent model is being exported to other countries, such as the USA, Mexico, and New Zealand, sold to their public as an end to prohibition. Only once in place is "legalization" revealed to be a corporate monopoly backed by violence. We wanted decriminalization, but we got RE-criminalization.

Take it from a Canadian who has been through it:

Legalization is a lie! Just END CANNABIS PROHIBITION!



Lots of Canadians need to watch this. I suppose you could make the same comparisons for most of the states here in the US. It seems like Oregon may have the best laws.

It's crazy that it remains illegal federally. I suspect they will "legalize" it across the USA via Xiden.

Burn! Lol

Well they passed the decriminalization in congress, and now it just needs to pass the senate. But damn there so obsessed with Trump, I doubt they ever do anything meaningful.

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Bipartisan politics is something we should finally rid ourselves of! The only law is natural law. Fuck politics, this is our life, our health, and it's just a plant. Just stop criminalizing it and all this bullshit goes away!

It's absolutely incredible this was done in broad daylight, and it is such a disaster, and yet the world is clueless. They're drooling for "legalization" all over the place. What a nightmare! If only we could reach people with this message!! Upvoted and rehived to do my small part!

Possibly @DRutter's crowning video achievement so far!
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Back when cannabis prohibition was the biggest lie every told...and now it's COVID, next will be the nature of reality....puff puff pass.

Whoa, you must be smoking on some REAL good shit! Like... the stuff you can't get at the government shop :P

The stuff at the gov't shops be so dry and crusty-nasty, it crumbles easier than the stuff they buried pharos with ahaha....but somehow still manages to grow mold, hahahaha!

And now it is Joe Biden will save america, smh