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RE: Delta 8 CBD.... Worth The Hype?

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Oh I'm doing better than ever thanks for asking. How the hell have you been?

You know, funny you bring up meth - a misdemeanor for possession in Nevada. I learned this when serving jail time for my batched pot charge.

Anyways I didn't know a convention got raided recently. There are a handful of dirty public servants in west coast states. So much so that now clandestine operations are being set against them. Rumor has it that some of these federal agencies are spying on dirty cops like we spy on Russia nowadays because a few congress members want the tax dollar from Delta 8 and Delta 9. Nevada will have to share eventually.


Good, just still doing the Hive thing, and then family offline.

And yeah they should just let Delta 8 be. I know lots of people who do not to get high off the traditional Delta 9, but love the Delta 8. Like you mentioned it is a great alternative to drinking, which I am sure more people who do not like to get high turns to more often. And its funny how they always say defund the police, but never the FBI.

Hey do you have discord yeah?