Vegan 420 bread so much better total harmony...

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Vegan? You mean those people that hate plants? What kinda person attacks a poor plant. Plants have feelings too.

I love plants they are tasty and don't feel pain.. also you know what to end rape murder pain exploitation of animal's as animal's are here with us not for us in an way shape or form.

Plus my body is now a garden not a grave yard lol...
What some movies like what the health earthlings dominion.. i can give ypu or any one dominion as a mp4 i think is the format... we don't have any reason to love a cat or dog and eat a pig or cow right?
My bad anyway vegan is the future

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Lol sure! Plants feel pain. I see my plants talk to me and show me that they are loved or having issues. And to say otherwise is ignorance. By all means be vegan or whatever if you are doing it and supporting a permaculture farm... But are you sourcing that diet from sustainable means? And head about people going vegan is contributing to the death of more plants...

I like plants... When my flowers are finished I say a prayer for them. And honor their memory by sharing it with friends and loved ones.

Funny thing I don't see the same respect given to plants by vegans.

plants are very much living but they are not sentient beings as they have no brain or nevous system. So they can not feel pain or at least not to any knowledge we have as of now.

i can tell you that them cows pigs and chicken can very much feel being punched kicked hit sadness and then feel them being gassed or have there neck cut open to bleed out. As well as the mother cow and goat can very much feel when they have there 1 min old baby stolen and killed or left to die for what some HUMAN to steal her milk when we are the only species that drinks milk from another animal or from anything past leaving out mother. o and the amount of plant based milks is insane.

So i don't say you don't respect any plants i am saying end speciesism end animal exploitation and we can have world peace and the way for this is to go vegan so we can all live on this mother earth and not to be raped and murdered

You are the most ignorant person ever. To grow all that food then we have to mine phosphates. To do commercial farming you need fertilizers. That comes with major issues.

And honestly you are causing more harm then the good and soapbox you are on.

And what you are going to make all animals be buried? Instead of being used and honored?

All this murder and violence seems to me in you.

I seen the respect and prayers given to the salmon when we harvest them. The good energy to prepare it. Same prayers for the berries. We live in harmony. And honor the plant and animal. All food sources.

And for you to throw a infant temper tantrum? Are you just drunk or a hypocrite?

Way uncool. You are that is.

Well for being such a disrespectful and disgusting minded person I'm going to make this famous.

Welcome to my roast vegan rant... Hang on.


Dude you were fucking hilarious until this comment and I agree with you on a lot of these points! I personally think meat that you raise or buy from a farm you are connected with is ok. But dont call people names like this. I saw your humor here. Your right about vegans maybe taking the issue a little too seriously but calling names and slinging insults wont solve anything... Lets vent more on discord.

You are the most ignorant person ever. To grow all that food then we have to mine phosphates. To do commercial farming you need fertilizers. That comes with major issues.

Ok. This was over a picture of a loaf of bread? Or was this a spill over of something else? But ganja was just chilling posting bread that by the way expired or was a best by september 11th bread. Now can we all agree that was a ominous pic? 9/11 bread! I think moderation is key. Being connected to your food source is key. I cant even eat food properly because of money so as it is i need to take Iron supplements and minerals etc. But some meat because of my blood type really helps especially bison, venison and in general wild game is recommended for B blood types. But that is a whole wacky science in itself. I say lets not support corporate commercialism and support local farms and get more connected with our food source before attacking people on if they are vegan or not or if they eat meat or not. Lets learn about each other first and be open to judgement after understanding one another happens.

Look i made a comment and i stand by by it.
1 local farms atill rape and murder animals for your taste buds
2 we can thrive off plants no need to harm any beings.
3 animal's are jot here for ypur taste buds or for you at all they are on this planet to live with us.

0leae educate your self on vegans and why we do what we do we are the only ones that stand up for the voiceless.
Do i care about yours ,his, or anyone's for that fact when your eating an innocent animal no i don't.

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As for supplements i don't take any and all the animals you eat do like b12 and shit load antibiotics.

I think tou should watch movies like what the heath. fat sick and nearly dead earthlings dominion.

It is also very funny how one stupid person is getting under the skin so.many steemians.

O and i dont need to see any sides besides the fact no animal's deserve to die

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have a read over this.
also b12 is linked to it so maybe the "flesh" you eat is not giving you enough from the supplements it is getting..
Everything people say about us "needing" animal's for any food is not right. they never asked to be raped and had their baby's taken from them or kicked punched left in a 1 by 1 cage.

they never asked to have a hook out in it's mouth or netted and taken from it's home to not be able to take a breath.

so i can keep going on but how about i just work on a post to prove why vegan is the way to live in peace and harmony and stop teaching kids to kill and murder and rape then we can have peace.

I love the fact that the bread is vegan too! I dont see anything wrong with the very first comment. It was actually the poster that started name calling! Why? Over bread that happened to be vegan lol 😂

Why cant everyone agree, vegan and non vegans that it is just more humaine to not eat meat, dairy or eggs and no it doesnt matter what farm it comes from because the truth is that they all end up exploited and dead for our wants and desires not our actual needs. If you want to consume those things than so be it, to each their own, but dont deny the truth just because deep down you feel guilty when the truth is revealed. I used to consume that stuff too! I was mcdonalds number one customer until I opened my eyes to what people were telling me.

Honestly I really don't give a rat's ass about your dietary preference.

But for you to use it to make yourself better than others? Well yeah.

Sorry but not really caring.

Oh and that's not vegan. Milk and eggs...


And no one lives forever...

Just cause the label says vegan don't mean it actually is...

The food we were growing on a family farm in Santa Rosa was going directly to cancer patients and people with health problems. Raw milk was at the time illegal but not if you were apart of a cow share program. In California where a lot of our produce comes from outside of Texas and mexico is controlled by monsanto. The laws dictate you use their chemicals. I can go on for days about key differences between commercialized food that aligns with the arguement of animal abuse and all these arguements against animal products. Being connected with your food source and understanding where it comes from is more important than forcing people into how they eat. Ok go vegan... But if you dont know about where your food is coming, the exemptions for pesticides in the supposed 'organic/omri' produce and how they treat food coming from other countries just to be able to cross the border you are not giving fully informed facts or solutions. What if one day you found out that the plants your eating is contaminated with chemicals/pesticides and heavy metals and toxins like arsenic. What if you found out by getting a blood test and finding out the stuff your eating is causing the toxins present in your blood... Or in my case your body doesnt asorbe iron properly from plants. Canned vegetables is not the answer. Local economies, being connected to your food source, and family farms are crucial. All I am saying is try buying food from a farm local to you that you can visit, grow your own, stop supporting big buisness and let others learn from your example instead of forcing something on them to the extent of saying buy only canned vegetables? Maybe your veggie farm is posioning your water supply with phosphates and pesticides but thats ok? I respect your decisions as vegans to make a stand but being the example and living your life as a way to inspire others is more effective than aimless attacking people with the only solution for most to buy canned vegetables? Ok its just lets focus on our food source locally and understand it better. Maybe there is arsenic in your plants and pesticides in your organic produce. Go to your food source and find out and attack the farmers inhumanely rasing animals and plants alike. America im sure is more intense with the monsanto and GMOs than most countries. I havent even touched on that aspect either. Just lets respect each others personal choices and encourge change by being the example and not conjecture with assumptions, lack of solutions, one sided arguements and hostility. Be the change dont force it on others.