Christening a New Pipe with MediKatie

in #cannabis2 years ago


It's been a while since MediKatie showed off some glass. You'll notice she's hitting her new solid-green transparent pipe in a No Phone Zone! She's old-school like that ;)


These photographs were taken with an actual camera and uploaded to the internet on a desktop computer with hard-wired internet.


  1. Big hoot!
  2. Huge exhale :D
  3. Fresh bowl loaded and ready to go!

hehehehe!! Toke and reload ;)

Thanks for the feature!! It was about time I christened a new pipe! It was a nice hit, made for a nice smoke beard. It tokes almost as smooth as a bong, and definitely long enough that I'm not singing my eyelashes anymore haha. Shared, of course :)

New glass!! (and what a babe) <3

i hope i get stoned like a MF this year...i wanna see worms coming out my eyes, i wanna see the walls shaking, i wanna see...I WANNA SEE!!!