Happy Cannabis Day!

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Here in North America, Canadian stoners (aka Cannadians) celebrate Cannabis Day on July 1st - which also happens to be a public stat holiday ;)

As COVID emergency acts nullify and restrictions lift for our national summer holiday, we're having an unprecedented, record-breaking heat-wave in Western Canada! The small town of Lytton, B.C., beat the nation-wide record at 49.5 celsius this weekend! That's almost literally hotter than a middle-eastern climate.


@MediKatie is battling the Okanagan heatwave with record-breaking temperatures in the 40s C (100s F). She's blocking out the sun (not like Bill Gates) just with extra curtains and such ;) and only eating cold food and leaving the e-nail off except when actually dabbing :)

Unlike the COVID scamdemic, there's a real state of emergency, as people in British Columbia are dying as they wait on hold for 911 because operators and first-responder were swamped over the weekend. In other news, people are frying eggs on the sidewalk in the lower mainland...whichever sidewalks they haven't literally buckled under the heat.


Hope you had a great Cannabis Day 2021, Medikatie! <3

And a great solstice :))

Nice points made here, @Medikatie. <3
Happy Cannabis (and Canada) Day! I wish I could be in VanCity for it... maybe next year.
Great photo :))

Stay safe everyone! Stay hydrated and cooled. Stay out of the sun. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion, and be very careful with your joints, roaches, and bong cherries! Only controlled blazes wanted lol

Yes! Heatwaves are when riots are more likely to happen, especially if there are water restrictions or power outages. It's an interesting coincidence that there's a (possibly geo-engineered) heatwave as we reopen on Canada Day, and for the past week or 2 the media has been pumping stories about residential school graves..leading to the media blatantly suggesting we cancel Canada Day. Cancel culture has been getting a lot more obvious since they tried to quietly kill Christmas

it is cannabis day?

give me a rip :>

Puff Puff passsss! :)

That's absolutely crazy that the heat has gotten that bad. I've heard about the heat wave but that seems pretty drastic. Anyways, stay safe and if you're outside, definitely wear some sunblock. Cheers from Florida!

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Happy cannabis day,good to see this and am delighted to say happy cannabis day once again

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Happy Cannabis Day to you as well! :)

Good to see they did not cancel Canada day(yet). Stay safe! And whatever you do, don’t cool your house by opening the fridge, ;)

LOL! It makes your chest so cold and your feet so hot ;) :-D

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damn tremendous bong hits. Very very good!

MediKatie is such a hot babe : D