Outdoor Diary: Crystal Candy Auto Flowers

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Authored by @jonyoudyer


What’s up Weed Nerds! Here is a quick microblog on my gifted genetics from Mr @loonatic. These are Crystal Candy Auto flowers that I am growing outside. On the pack there is no mention of them being Regs or fems, but they are starting to show female flowers.


I just got some more Super Croppers from @bifbeans, and snapped some on the main stalk. The fun is about to begin!


Oh yeah. One more thing. I am using these as my testers for my compost, and after 4 days, I am convinced that they love it! Next up, compost tea. Stay tuned my friends, any tips you have, please leave a comment below:)




Looking great! I am always afraid to stress them autos with any kind of training. More power to you :)

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Yeah I hear you! I have fucked up most of my autos. But I fell with this one I got it right.

That's beautiful plants, I`ve no idea what's compost tea...

It’s just water that has had compost in it, and I use a air stone to bubble it for 24-48 hours to give it air, and grow the bacteria population.

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