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Today from Belgium with the car that was first presented in 1992 at the Brussels Motor Show.

The car? The Gillet Vertigo

This car has the World's record of the acceleration of 3.2s by a series production car
before the Bugatti Veyron came with its 2.5s.

The body of Vertigo is fully made from carbon fiber and powered by 4.2L V8 of 420 HP.

The car was exported in 1995 to the United States and shown during the Detroit Auto Show.

Did you know?

There are only 30 units released since 1991.






Enjoy ;)

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waoo once I read about this car in a magazine and mentioned that the body weighed less than a ton, because even the chassis is made of carbon fiber, is the reason for the record of acceleration, it is very beautiful what can create a dreamer like Gillet

It is a fantastic car all around indeed, I absolutely love the rear!

A video of the record of acceleration in 1994

Ahah thank you for the share, you dug into Belgian archives ^^ What a car. 25 years ago, and such performances, people have no clue...

Still impressive car

A jewel this vehicle the Gillt Vertigo its line is beautiful reminds me of the Viper V10. Excellent publication @mandl

Toda una Joya este Vehiculo The Gillet Vertigo su linea es Bellisima me recuerda a el Viper V10. EXcelente publicación @mandl

Yes it does, it should also remind you of the SLS! Thank you :)

very nice!

Glad you enjoyed!