How to rim job - part 2

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Good morning... sundays are boring when you are married... so what a better way to start your day with a rim job.

Nothing special advice for today. Give the rims a good dry clean. Blow them with some air. and get ready for the second coat.

TAKE YOUR TIME... dont rush applying the coat. Do it slowly and piece by piece. I would get hyped and started painting right away and it would end up a mess... slow and methodically... watch the paint flow from the airgun and adjust your speed. remember.. even it doesnt look super smooth at the first seconds... give the paint some time. it will strech and become smooth. dont over spray to create smoothness with your first spraygun pass.

have a look.






Part 3 is finishing clear coat. Depending on how the rims looks... i ll paint em straight away. If not.. i will give them a very light sanding. With water sanding paper. from 1000 1500 and 2000 grit.

The paint will loose its shine. but the water sanding will make any imperfections disappear. BUT when the finishing clear coat will get on... Boom! magic will happen.


Πολύ καλή δουλειά!!!

Admittedly, I came here just for that amazing title. But what kept me to stay are those amazing rims! The finishing is pretty good. Looks like a job very well done ;-) ...

I used to shoot for a supercar company with an in-house department spraying cars etc.

If you are into these things you need to look at pelable spray coat by a company called clarity coat. I've seen it there and it was really impressive.