The End of Cash?

in #cash3 years ago

This article from Cointelgraph discusses how the non stop printing press will eventually have to be replaced with more sound means of exchange.

With the trillions of dollars being printed and given away we have to realize and understand that while it may get us through the crisis in the short term, eventually we will all bear the burden for this in the very near future.

The powers that be are working very hard behind the scenes to hijack the promise of blockchain through centralization.

They are well aware of the promise it holds for individual freedom and totally disrupting all aspects of their systems of control.

You will not hear about all the advances in blockchain technology and the innovations emerging from the corporate media or in a PSA from your government.

There is a reason for that.

They know it is an historic game changer.

If we act now and all work together towards building a decentralized society, the people on the bottom of the controlled economy wont be made to pay for the rich to get richer by bearing their burden for the purpose of our own enslavement any longer.

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