Introducing… The Queen of CashJuice!

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If I may…
The Queen of CashJuice!

The recognition is far overdue :)

Chris Rioux is, by far, the top performing woman on CashJuice.


From humble beginnings, come great things…

Over the past few years, Chris has become one of my most trusted associates.
Words cannot express how valuable she is to me.

Chris has clearly taken over the majority of responsibilites within the CJ Getting Started group,
Climbed the ladder in league positions,
And built a network of associates who have come to rely on her.

I encourage ALL members to give Christine a follow!

Her kindness and openess is unparalled in this business,
Chris will give you everything she's got.
Please respect her time :)

Thank you,

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Well said Michael, @mythumbsups is a great person and nice to have her on CashJuice and Hive.

It's been a pleasure from my day 1 on Cash Juice to follow you and learn from you, Michael. And now an honor to work with you and feel that the small piece I can add to the edifice is of some value. Anything you need, just ask :) Just stop making me blush with such posts ! :)