Not A Serial Shiller

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Thou Shall Not Shill

I don't typically promote, and I'm definitely not a plant or a shill so please don't get it twisted because I know my post before was about something similar. The only time I ever promote is when I've personally tried a product/service and my experience was so unbelievable, I feel a duty to report it to the appropriate community based on the circumstance, in this case, hive. 888 casino - soooo sweet this morning, I made a rack (that's apparently how the cool kids say $1000) in about 2 hours, and I started with only 2,000 Tron ($30). I have to commend the guys at 888 because the gaming there is totally legit and so is support. The other day I had an issue with one of the games, screen froze up on me so I contacted support, they refunded me 6,000 of my Tron. I look at 888 as the Binance of blockchain gaming.

In an unregulated world where the company who you're trusting with your cryptocurrency can just take it and run, these guys go above and beyond to not only earn your trust but keep you coming back. I respect that because it measures the mark of a good business and a trustworthy one. In the blockchain casino universe, where about 95% of them, in my experiences, are so scammy, you're lucky to break even, it's nice finding a diamond in the rough. 888 rocks, best, most fair blockchain gaming out there in my opinion. It's nice to go into one of these casinos and win big for a change, and I did this in 2 hours. That's a week's salary for some people.

Thanks 888.