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RE: Melbourne Cat Cafe (cheating on Soju) 🐈☕

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Ooooh...I know exactly where you are going with this you evil cat lady. This is a smear campaign against Mr supersoju!! You were jealous that soju was daddy’s little kitty from her email. You probably had it all planned:

“Honey, the cute kitty over there, poor little thing needs a hand. It looks sooooo sad.”

snap snap with the camera
hidden camera running

Soju didn’t care because she knew it was all a setup. She’s smarter than you think. 😛

But I love the concept behind this cafe! I hope it’s children-friendly/welcoming. Twin 1 is the cat girl, but both would love to hang out there and pet the cats. This might solve my immediate pet problems, by letting them play with cats and NOT bring them home. Twins are enough for me for now.


😹😹😹😹 God you are HILARIOUS!!
Looks like I need to come up with a sneakier plan.

This cat cafe is for sure children friendly and definitely welcoming. When we were there, there was a mother there with her two young daughters. She was probably doing what you are thinking of doing.

These cats have been specially hand picked for this type of environment. The one that was sleeping curled up in a bed in one of the photos would not wake up when my partner was patting it. He even gave his hand a little shake like you do when you try to wake someone up. The kitty did not even budge one bit. It kept sleeping!! That is how safe they know they are there and trust people.

I was afraid to pat them straight away because I thought you would need to get their trust first and have them come to you. But this wasn't the case when I saw my partner just reached out to pat them or hold its paw. The staff would also come to show you how to play with certain cats since they have different personalities. On the website I think they said the cats are most active between 12pm-1pm and 5pm-6pm if you want to play with them more. The time we went was at 11am-12pm and majority were sleeping. It is very close to Melbourne Central Station.

Weekends are always too busy, so we might make it an evening family dinner thing. I can take the girls out Friday evening and we’ll meet hubby there. Cat petting and then to a restaurant it will be when the weather warms up! It’s awful atm. But that’s our version of ‘date night’, with the kids, hanging out with cats. -sigh- lol

Before I forget...I got mail again. 😻

Better than our date night. Our date night is grocery shopping and maybe dinner. The worst is grocery shopping when hungry. You end up buying way more than you need.

Oh no, mail again? What is Soju up to this time? I might have to disconnect the internet each time we go out now. Though yes, the weather has been horrible lately. Doubt we would leave her home alone again for a while.

Grocery shopping is date night? Oh wow. I thought we were bad...That’s...awful.

Hah, I keep telling you she’s too clever. I wouldn’t bother. Just stop provoking her. Lol