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RE: Melbourne Cat Cafe (cheating on Soju) 🐈☕

in #cat • 3 years ago

Sounds like you are jealous of Soju and dad ;) You can buy all kinds of DIY kits to assemble as cat furniture or are you short of space? I like the ladder/hammock setup. My cats really love climbing the trees outside and I'm glad that they have that


hehehe me jealous? of course parents will always be jealous who their kid loves more lol just kidding.

I like the ladder/hammock setup too. And you are correct, we don't have the space to set anything up like this for Soju. But I will keep it in mind to when we buy or build our own place to have a special room which has exposed rafters and wall space to create a retreat for cats.

Soju doesn't know she can climb trees or the fence. She has seen the feral cats on the fence but never has she tried to jump up herself. I don't think she realises she is a cat. Plus I wouldn't want her wondering off on the fence or trees because there are possums around that are very vicious to cats. We had found 2 dead feral cats in our yard which were killed by a possum within 2 days.😿😿

Oh no! At least the very hairy cats are usually more sedentary