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RE: Melbourne Cat Cafe (cheating on Soju) πŸˆβ˜•

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Wow, I didn't know that Melbourne has a cat cafe O_O. And you didn't mention the food at all, did you go in only to play with the cats? I would totally understand if you did though hehehe.

Though the cats have to earn their keep, I think their workplace looks really nice and they look plenty comfortable chilling working and entertaining guests. And even if Soju's dad cheated with other cats, I bet Soju can tell that her mom also did the same, so she probably won't be nicer to you lol.

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We pretty much only went there to play with the cats. It is not your normal cafe. Since things are pretty strict in Australia, the type of food they could serve around cats is limited. There is no counter or kitchen area out in the open. It is all behind closed doors away from the cats. They had a waiter that came out to ask if we wanted anything. The coffee we had was nice. They served it in a take away cup.

Now now, there was no photos of me cheating on Soju, so Soju can't be mad at me. πŸ™Š

But the smell, sojuchan! She probably can sniff other cats on your clothes and hands XD XD. Well maybe not if you bribe her quickly with the weed.

hahaha we were out til late that day. So any smell in the morning from the cats were long gone. If anything, we smelt like cinema popcorn....mmmmm popcorn.....

Aha. If that's the case I think even Soju might be fooled if you went out for a long time. What were you watching, Sojuchan? :D

Incredibles 2!!! hehehehe
It was a long wait for number 2 to come out and it didn't disappoint. Have you seen it?

Ahhh no! I am a big fan of the first one and I plan to watch it when it's available for home consumption later. I'm glad to hear that it's good since I love the trailers :D.