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Awwww thanks @scrawly. Sorry I've been away on a holiday so I've been MIA.

A holiday sounds awesome, so I understand why you're not around. Feel free to come back and write about it XD!!

๐Ÿ‘ once i find the time to go through all the pics and videos. I just copied the files onto my pc and there are 1.7k of them ๐Ÿ™ˆ lol. I don't know how many my partner has; but he has more longer videos than me.

Sojuchan... this is a virtual hug message XD.
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Are you busy playing game? I heard you're playing PoE. I'm glad that you're having fun ^_^.


I was trying to find a photo of Soju giving a hug but the closest I have is her getting a hug. lol I think Soju needs to learn how to give hugs back.

I have been playing PoE here and there when I get the chance. I wouldn't mind playing now to have a break; but I have a few jobs to work on atm :'(

Are you into games? Have you tried playing PoE before? I blame @linnyplant for getting me into PoE. Also her posts keep me interested in the game.

Soju never gives a hug? XD XD
Bad kitty, or maybe she's just shy and badass so she doesn't let you take pics of her when she's being fluff and adorable.

I have been avoiding PoE because I'm the kind of person who will get addicted and spend all my free time playing this type of games. Looks pretty fun though XD.

hahaha lol give it a go....I wasn't going to until @linnyplant started posting about it...I blame her for any PoE addiction.

Awww, but I love that you play. You know I plan to try your baby challenge. Gotta support each otherโ€™s interest. Although, I told ya I find raising sims babies unfun. I only ever wanted to see what the next gen looked, not actually raising them. From memory, often my sim kids missed their bday celebration, I think that was meant to be a negative on their development or something. Maybe if youโ€™d finally post on it, Iโ€™d actually be inspired!