The CAT Flashsale SOLD OUT in less than 24hrs!

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This went a lot faster than I had expected!

The initial token sale of 100k CAT @ 0.001 STEEM sold out already.

WOW! It hasn't even been 24 hours and the first sell-wall of 100,000 CATs has been bought up right away. While I had hoped this sell-wall would make sure that some cheap CATs are available for everyone a little longer, I certainly won't complain that the 1st milestone of this token campaign has been reached already!

  • recover initial token creation cost (100 ENG)
  • raise funds to enable staking for the token (1000ENG)
  • more giveaways and promotion
  • additional fundraising to gather STEEM POWER and support the kittens' cuddles

Now it's up to the market to decide on a fair trading price below 0.010 STEEM per CAT. @catnet will maintain a sell-wall on the steem-engine DEX to keep the price for the token capped at this limit.

Reaching the first milestone has brought 100 STEEMP for @catnet. In theory that's just enough to recover the initial token-creation fee which I (@fraenk) had to pay in advance, or to make the account ressource-credit-independent from my delegation... I'd much rather use it to grow the project, though.

I'll consider my pre-funding to be donation to the project and I will continue to make sure @catnet stays funded with a delegation for RC in the meantime. The first 100 STEEM raised will be used to directly increase the cuddling power of the kitten-bots in time for the "catnip" feature of the token to be switched on by Thursday.




The cheapest tokens on the market right now are already being sold by an early investor, at a decent 9x profit, for 0.009 STEEM each. Now is the time to trade if you so wish!

All tokens traded below the official sell-wall-price of 0.010 STEEM will be traded between users individually and I am curious to see where the trend-line for this token will settle.

While the price on the market remains under 0.010 STEEM, if you still want to support this project directly right now, you can also buy tokens "under the counter" from @catnet. Just send some STEEM to @catnet and the corresponding amount of tokens (@0.010 STEEM) will be credited back to you after manual processing (it might take a few hours, but no longer than 24!). This offer remains valid until our next milestone, enabling the STAKING feature, has been reached.

When "catnip" goes live, the kittens will also start handing out small amounts of tokens during their interactions. Some small giveaways will happen in certain cat-related or community-oriented discords randomly before HF21 arrives and a second round of the airdrop will go out to token hodlers after the fork-dust has settled.

If you're curious to see who's trading and who's actually hodling, you should check out the side-chain block explorer and the CAT richlist.




trade smart!

and don't forget to cuddle some kittens!



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Wow, that's great news @catnet!

I don't earn a whole lot on my posts, but I might still send a few Steem now and then to help support the project. I feel hopeful that most people buying the tokens are actually cat lovers rather than speculators... and they way you @fraenk are controlling the process should also help put a damper on the speculators and opportunists.



the one and only... original @steemkitten :D

how did you find your way here? begging for attention?


HAAAAAA!!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU... Well come on, everyone loves cats!!!!! <3

Right on, @catnet! Are the "under the counter" sales going toward saving up enough ENG to reach the stakeable goal?
Have a !BEER to celebrate!

Yes, the next immediate goal will be to enable the staking feature.

We'll see how this goes, but should it turn into a stretch, then the funds will be used to power up the kittens and strengthen the utility of the token in that way.

I think I can also create a pseudo-staking feature on @catnet's end, that would come without any fees at all for the cost of a more limited user-experience than going through the widely accepted steem-engine interface.

That's awesome! I'll definitely buy some "under the counter" every so often to help reach the next goal. I really want this project to succeed. :-)

The value of the Cat Appreciation Token has already appreciated overnight.

I'm glad to hear the CATs at 0.001 are sold out already! I'm in the market, buying and selling. That might help in price discovery. Long term, I'd like to accumulate CATs. I like your project!

I guess the kitties of steemit have come out to play

hehehe... they've been playing around for a while, now they're looking into serious business :P

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I am 5 posts further and still do not understand how to get some CATS 😢

hehehe... well, you can absolutely just buy them on steem-engine, they are quite cheap over there right now if you ask me... allthough... I might be the wrong person to ask, I'm kinda biased :P

Too late I already bought them via the wallet. I am a dummy if it comes to steem-engine.

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