Three years

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I've been thinking recently about not remembering when our three actors in the garden were born.


When the first and last litter of my personal cat was born years ago, I wrote everything down on a sheet, then I wrote everything there - pills and date of castrations, etc.


However, I have not recorded anything here. First, because these cats were not "mine". Second, because so many of their ancestral relatives had already died, and very early in their lives, even their sister, who disappeared exactly one year ago.


But here they are for the third year, surprisingly long remaining in our garden, despite the inexplicable wounds and illnesses they have received so far, despite the hostile and dangerous environment around them, despite everything.

Three years, that's all I know about them. And that they are very lucky.

Are they, actually? 🤔

Anyway, happy next #CaturDay to you all! 🐱

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They are definitely lucky, to have you to serve them! :D :P


Exactly! Well said 😃 They probably even don't know how lucky they are to have exactly me, not anyone else.

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Pretty sure they know everything that matters to them ;)


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Three different,the best combination and you are lucky to have deal with them in good manner.

Yeah, it's strange. They are siblings, yet so different. My guess is that the mother didn't pick much and this is the basis for beautiful offspring in the animal world 🤔😃

Cats are resilient like that :D

Unfortunately, not always. So many of them already died or disappeared under unexplained circumstances 😔

Yay! 🤗
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