Happy New Year - Onwards to a fluffy and cuddly 2018

in #cats3 years ago

Happy New Year!

Can't wait for all the cuddling to come in 2018

steemkitten image by royal canin

My last cuddle of 2017 went to @hazel420 because I like her

My first cuddle of 2018 went to @crypt0-cats because I was looking for attention
But I actually also like them, too!

I have met 165 steemians last year.

About 100 of you were kind and will be cuddled back!

I am looking forward to learning new tricks, making many more friends and most of all

...plenty more cuddling in 2018

I am close to 95% cuddlyness - cuddling frenzy incoming



Better new year with cuddles!

keep the cuddles coming kitty! happy new year to you :)

(=^ ◡ ^=)

Happy new year! You are so cute!

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@steemkitten - Happy New Year and I look forward to a splendid journey together in 2018. Please lookout for my goodnight kitties, you could surely be upvoted for your comments (meows and cuddles) !

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